Saturday, May 7, 2016



A selection of covers designed over the last few years for Dutton Books, Plume Books and The Experiment Publishing.



Album artwork designed for my 2010 senior thesis for this electro- acoustic band is meant to remain true to historically minimalist and geometric oriented artwork for techno/ electronica music. The best way to portray this music in a deeply personal way but also remain minimalist came through the lens of science.

Images were taken of my blood as it was magnified thousands of times through a process called phagocytosis. No Photoshop work was done. To emphasize the medical/scientific theme, the disc and art are packaged in a large petri dish, protected by thin layers of foam. 




Album artwork designed for my senior thesis in 2010 for the progressive hardcore band, Remora. The theme of the album focuses on exposing a web of lies, from which lyrics in the single “Treason” include: “Detains for treason this web of lies I’ve spun...”

The packaging is meant to imitate the qualities of a spider’s web as well as the subtle intricacies of lies: a spider’s web can only be seen when in the right perspective just as a web of lies can only be recognized in proper context.

Random shapes are cut out of individual acetate sheets which make no rational sense until every sheet is assembled, creating the illusion of a web. The entire package is transparent and uses no ink other than on the fan disc, which is also transparent and adds to the impression of an otherwise empty package.



Various logos and identities designed the last few years.



The blog has taken a back seat over the last year unfortunately, with new projects and career moves in full force. To honor that absence, a throwback gig poster for Paper Route inspired by lyrics off their killer album Absence: Gonna burn that bridge and build a home with waters weaving underground.


This illustration was featured in the 2012 Communication Arts Illustration Annual.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Introducing the new face (or backside) of Honey Lingerie.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Artwork for the new EP by Lindsey Luff. Download her killer tunes for free before she gets huge and long gone.